Swallows & Amazons

CHARACTERS Swallows--John, Susan, Titty, Roger [7 yrs. old] Walker
Amazons--Nancy [Ruth], Peggy Blackett
Captain Flint [Jim Turner]
Mother [Mrs Walker], (Daddy) [Mr Walker], Vicky Walker [2 yrs. old...see Mysteries page],Nurse, Mr & Mrs Jackson (Holly Howe), Mr & Mrs Dixon ("milk farm"), Young & Old Billy (charcoal burners), Sammy Lewthwaite (policeman), (Great Aunt?--Peter Dowden thinks so...see notes) [Maria Turner], Mrs Blackett
SETTING Lake (Wild Cat Island)
TIME August 1929 (1930?...see Mysteries page)--last fortnight of summer holidays
BOATS Swallow
rowboats--Jackson's, Dixon's, Uncle Jim's
Beckfoot launch
various native craft--steamers, motor boats, rowboats, sailboats

(numbers are days, names are chapter titles)


The Peak in Darien


Making Ready


The Voyage to the Island • The Hidden Harbour • First Night on the Island


Island Life


More Island Life


Skull and Cross-Bones


The Arrow With the Green Feather • The Parley • In Alliance • Leading Lights
[August 1929]


The Charcoal-Burners • The Letter From Captain Flint


Captain John Visits Captain Flint • The Birthday Party • A Fair Wind
[Vicky's birthday...2 years old today]


A Fair Wind • Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday • The Amazon River • Titty Alone • Swallows in the Dark


Swallows in the Dark • The White Flag • Taking Breath


Grave News From Houseboat Bay • Captain Flint Gets the Black Spot • He Makes Peace and Declares War


The Battle in Houseboat Bay


The Treasure on Cormorant Island • Two Sorts of Fish • The Storm


The Storm • The Sailor's Return
NOTES • Daddy's [Mr Walker] ship is at Malta under orders to Hong-Kong.

• The evidence Peter Dowden gives for the Great Aunt being there is the Amazon's need to be back in time for meals, their saying "our natives" are no good this year (not just Uncle Jim), and mentions of other "trouble" with their natives.

• On Day 1, the Walkers had been at Holly Howe for 10 days--including the action of the book, that would make a 3 week holiday in all.

• Titty and Roger had learnt to sail the previous year when Daddy had been home on leave; John and Susan had learnt before (they were both "well able" to handle a boat, and John had learnt to scull "long ago" in Falmouth Harbour).

• John's birthday was just before they had come to the Lake; Susan's is New Year's Day.

• There are several mentions of putting things in the "schoolroom" when home, and there is mention of "going to school" at the end of the summer--was this the beginning of boarding school for at least one of the characters?

• Uncle Jim had something to say to Mother about next year--was this setting up the wherry trip for that winter when Peter Duck was told?

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