logoPicts and Martyrs or, Not Welcome at All

CHARACTERS Amazons (Nancy, Peggy Blackett)
D.'s (Dot, Dick Callum)
Great Aunt Maria Turner
Squashy Hat (Timothy Steddings)
minor characters: Jacky Warriner, doctor, postman, Cook (Mrs Braithwaite), Slater Bob, Col Tommy Jolys & men, Sammy Lewthwaite the policeman, Billy Lewthwaite
LOCATION Lake (Beckfoot, Dog's Home)
TIME late July 1933, at the very beginning of the summer holidays
BOATS Scarab, Amazon, houseboat, (plus Rattletrap the car again!)


(numbers are days,
names are chapter titles)


Visitors Expected, The Visitors Arrive


Out of the Blue, The Dog's Home, Transformation Scenes, "She's Here!"


Secondhand News, Dealing With the Doctor, Harbour for the Scarab, Pigeons for Timothy


"A Better Pict Than Either of Us", A Signal From the Lawn, Tickling Trout


"They Can't Be Going to Sail...", Launching the Scarab, On Their Own


Waiting for the Message, Visiting Seal


"We've Never Been Burglars Before"


Police!, As Others See Us


Plans and Change of Plans


Plans and Change of Plans, The Great Aunt Goes to See For Herself, Carefree Holiday, Totally Disappeared


The Hunt is Up, The One Thing That Mustn't Happen, Three in a Boat, Great Aunt Maria Faces Her Persuers, Reward of Virtue
NOTES Mr Callum is correcting exam papers (and looking at Broads boat catalogues!); Mrs Blackett had the flu, Captain Flint took her on a voyage to Scandinavia for the first 10 days of summer holidays; the Callums live in London; Swallows coming in a fortnight to stay at Holly Howe; Dot came up from London, Dick joined her at Crewe from school; Dot's and Peggy's feet are the same size, but Dot has big feet for size, so is smaller than Peggy; Sammy and Billy Lewthwaite's mother was Mrs Blackett's old nurse; there are 5 weeks of summer holidays to go after the story ends; the D.'s are to teach their parents to sail when they arrive; Mrs Barrable is in Horning, her brother will be there and they will sail sometime in September

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