logoMissee Lee

CHARACTERS Swallows (John, Susan, Titty, Roger [9 1/2 yrs. old] Walker)
Amazons (Nancy, Peggy Blackett)
Captain Flint--the "Lord Mayor of San Francisco" (Jim Turner)
Missee Lee
minor characters: Taicoon Chang, Taicoon Wu, the old amah, the counsellor, various pirate captains, the ex-cook, the signaller, and other sundry Chinese pirates, etc., Polly the parrot, Gibber the monkey
LOCATION South China Sea and the Chinese coast
TIME no specific time given, though most likely told in the winter of 1932-3 (see notes, below)
BOATS Wild Cat, Swallow, Amazon, Shining Moon, many pirate junks and sampans, etc.


(numbers are days,
names are chapter titles)


The Hundredth Port








Loss of the Wild Cat, What Happened to Swallow, What Happened to Amazon


What Happened to Swallow, What Happened to Amazon, "Hic Liber Est Meus"


What Happened to Amazon, It's Them!, The Shadow of a Monkey, Ten Gong Taicoon, Pirate Supper


On the Road Again, Dragon Town, Twenty-two Gong Taicoon, Miss Lee Explains


Cambridge Breakfast and an S.O.S.


Miss Lee Buys Captain Flint


Captain Flint Joins the Dunces, Free But Prisoners


Model Students


Holiday Voyage, Captain Flint Gets Back His Sextant, Old Seaman Wu Sees It


Money Returned, Miss Lee Agrees With Her Counsellor


The Dragon Feast, Little Dragon Alone, Only One Way Out, The Path of Duty


The Path of Duty
NOTES Although never mentioned in any of the other books as Peter Duck was, this is commonly agreed to be another "Peter Duck" tale; no specific time is given for its telling, or indeed, when it would have taken place (other than at the time of the "Dragon Festival"--Chinese New Year?), but as to place its telling, the following are clues: they knew Morse and semaphore, Roger was an A.B., not a ship's boy, Daddy was stationed at Hong Kong, but is no longer there; all of these point to it having been told the winter after We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea, etc. at the earliest; Nancy and Peggy were referred to as Captain Flint's wives by the Chinese pirates; they had been sailing around the world westward before the accident

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