logoCoots in the North

CHARACTERS Death & Glories (Joe, Bill, Pete)
owner of the Bonnka
D.'s (Dot, Dick Callum)
Amazons (Nancy, Peggy Blackett)
Swallows (John, Susan, Titty, Roger [10 yrs. old] Walker--plus Bridget as well??)
minor characters: Pete's father, Mr Jonatt, Joe's rat, Mr Woods the lorryman, Molly and Mrs Woods, [Admiral (Mrs Barrable)], [Prof and Mrs Callum], [Captain Flint (Jim Turner)], [Timothy], [Titty's parrot], [Jacky Warriner]--characters in [] are implied in the notes
LOCATION Norfolk Broads, on road, Lake
TIME second week of August 1933
BOATS Death & Glory, Bonnka, houseboat, Swallow, Amazon, Scarab, Bonnka's rowboat


(numbers are days,
names are chapter titles)


chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 (not titled)


It's Gone!


One Way of Meeting Nancy


(various notes)
NOTES Tom & Dr Dudgeon away somewhere with a rocky harbour, Mr Farland and twins away, D.'s at Lake staying at Dixon's; Prof Callum learning to sail

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