Secret Water first U.S. edition 1940

Macmillan (U.S.)hardback

The original price was $2.00

Dedicated to "The Busk Family", Colonel Busk, who with his wife and children Jill, Michael and John sailed the yacht "Lapwing" at the time when the Ransomes sailed the "Nancy Blackett" from Pin Mill. The Lapwing's dinghy was called "Wizard" and also appears in Secret Water.

The illustration "On the way to the islands" appears to have been given a missing dinghy painter by Macmillan - I know no other edition with the painter included. The Goblin is supposed to be towing Wizard! Even the original drawing in the Brotherton Library has no painter.

The first edition has an interesting mistake in that the illustration of the Mealdial (page 45) is set up for the southern hemisphere! It was soon corrected.

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