Swallowdale French 1945

Le Vallon des Hirondelles (The Valley of the Swallows)

Published by Editions de l'Amitie, G.T. Rageot, Paris

Translated by G. Guillemot-Magitot, cover illustration by J. Saunier. The inside illustrations were by Clifford Webb.

Nancy and Peggy Blackett curiously become Marion and Margot in the French editions. The Swallows are Jean, Suzanne, Micky(!) and Roger. Uncle Jim is known as "Oncle Paul", while Polly the parrot is Jacquot.

Nancy/Marion's usual curses "Jibbooms and Bobstays!" are clearly untranslatable as she quite often remarks,"Enfer et Damnation!" (Hell and Damnation!). No wonder the Great-Aunt disapproved!

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